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FoodPal - Ernährungsplan

Why do I have to pay for FoodPal Pro!

Fair and transparent

It was important to us to make the pricing and use of FoodPal as fair as possible to give you the best experience possible. For example, we made sure that special app features that are costly in other apps are always available to you for free. We want FoodPal to be absolutely suitable for everyday use even in the free version, and we don't want you to be limited as a user. If we could, we would like to offer FoodPal 100% free of charge. But (yes unfortunately always comes a small "but") also digital companies like FoodPal have monthly costs that need to be covered. In addition to server and hosting costs that are incurred monthly, a team works to continue to develop FoodPal, fix bugs, implement new recipes and diets, and maintain support with users. Only through the use of paid premium features are we able to offer FoodPal as a free version. Without revenue we would not be able to maintain our service and would have to go offline. Therefore we would like to thank those who support FoodPal with a Pro! Subscription, but of course also to the free users - with your great feedback and positive app reviews you help us tremendously! Thank you :)

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Get your individual nutrition plan as an app on your smartphone now!
Die auf der Webseite dargestellte FoodPal-Version ist erst demnächst im Apple App Store und Google Play Store erhältlich.