App: FoodPal - diet plan
FoodPal - Ernährungsplan

How can I cancel FoodPal Pro?

Step 1:

Open your profile page and click on the "gear icon" at the top, right.

Step 2:

Click on the "Status" area. If you have a FoodPal Pro! subscription, a page will open where you can cancel your FoodPal Pro! Subscription can be cancelled.

Step 3:

Click on the area "Cancel FoodPal Pro!".

Step 4:

Confirm your action.

Step 5:

Your FoodPal Pro! Subscription has been successfully cancelled.


When you cancel your FoodPal Pro! subscription, you can still use your FoodPal Pro! - benefits until the end of the subscription period.

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Get your individual nutrition plan as an app on your smartphone now!
Die auf der Webseite dargestellte FoodPal-Version ist erst demnächst im Apple App Store und Google Play Store erhältlich.