App: FoodPal - diet plan
FoodPal - Ernährungsplan

How do I create my own recipes?

Step 1:

Go to your profile page and open "My Recipe Book."

Step 2:

Click on the "Create a new recipe" area . The recipe editor will open.

Step 3:

In the recipe editor, you can now specify and manage all the properties for your recipe.

Take or upload a photo of your recipe:

  • Click on the area "Take or upload photo".
  • You can access your camera to take a photo, or go to your recordings to upload a photo (FoodPal needs your permission to access your camera and recordings).

Specify preparation time, difficulty and portion size:

  • Click on the "pencil icon" in the same row.
  • Specify a preparation time
  • Select a difficulty level
  • Specify the portion size
  • Click on save

Recipe name:

  • Click on the "pencil icon" in the same line
  • Give your recipe a name
  • Click on save.

Select recipe type:

  • Click on the "pencil icon" in the same line
  • Now you can specify which type your recipe is (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or drink). Multiple selection is also possible, for example, if your recipe corresponds to both lunch and dinner.
  • Click on save

Add ingredients:

  • Click on the "Add ingredients" area
  • Use the search window to search for the desired ingredient
  • Click on the ingredient you want to add
  • Select the quantity of the ingredient
  • Click on add
  • If you want to add more ingredients, repeat these steps


  • Click in the input field and add the first step of your preparation
  • Click on "Add preparation step" to create another preparation step

Step 4:

Click on "Save recipe".

Your recipe now appears in "My recipe book

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