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Stagnation during muscle building

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It is normal that muscle building does not always progress at the same rate. Sometimes it happens that despite regular training and a healthy diet, you don't see any progress for a while. This is called stagnation of muscle building. It can occur when the body has become accustomed to a certain training program or diet and stops making progress.

There are some signs that indicate a plateau:

  • If you stop gaining muscle mass even though you continue to train and eat appropriately, it may be a sign that you have reached a plateau.
  • If you no longer see progress in increasing weights, number of reps, or speed in endurance exercises, this could also be a sign of a plateau.
  • If you suddenly gain weight even though you continue to exercise and eat, it could be because you are building muscle mass but also putting on fat. This can also be a sign of a plateau.
  • If you no longer have muscle soreness after working out, it may be because your body has become accustomed to the workout and is no longer making adjustments.

To avoid or overcome a plateau in muscle building, it is recommended that you regularly adjust your training program and diet to force your body to make new adjustments.

Possible reasons for stagnant muscle gain:

  • Maybe you're not training hard enough. To build muscle, you need to challenge your body and keep giving it new stimuli. If you always do the same exercises or always use the same weights, your body can get used to that load and it becomes harder to progress.
  • Maybe you're not eating right. To build muscle, your body needs enough protein and other nutrients. If you don't eat enough or don't get the right nutrients, it can be harder to build muscle. Therefore, increase your calorie intake.
  • Maybe you have too much stress. Stress can increase the level of the hormone cortisol, which can hinder muscle building. Try lowering your stress level by trying relaxation techniques like yoga or progressive muscle relaxation.
  • You might be overtraining. If you exercise too often or too intensely, your body may not have enough time to recover and repair. This can cause you to make less progress or even lose muscle mass.

To prevent your muscle growth from stagnating, try to vary your workouts by trying new exercises or increasing the weight when you're ready. Make sure you eat enough and get enough protein. Also try to reduce stress and not overexert yourself.

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Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure that the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

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