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What are PAL values?

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PAL (Physical Activity Level) values are a unit of measurement used to describe a person's physical activity level. They are often used to calculate power expenditure, also known as daily energy expenditure, which indicates how many calories a person consumes per day.

PAL values range from 0.95 (not active) to 1.2 (slightly active) to 2.5 (very active). For example, a PAL value of 0.95 corresponds to a person who is sleeping. A PAL value of 1.2 corresponds to a person who is predominantly sedentary with little physical activity. A PAL value of 2.5, on the other hand, corresponds to a person who is very active and, for example, exercises daily or does physically demanding work.

A person's PAL value can be used to calculate power metabolic rate by multiplying it by basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories the body consumes without physical activity). For example:

Power Metabolic Rate = Basal Metabolic Rate x PAL Value

Here is a table of PAL values for different activity levels:

  • Not active: 0.95
  • Slightly active: 1.2
  • Slightly active: 1.6
  • Moderately active: 2.0
  • Very active: 2.5

Here are some examples of activities and their approximate PAL values:

  • Sitting: 1.2
  • Walking (4 km/h): 1.4
  • Jogging (8 km/h): 1.7
  • Swimming: 1.7
  • Cycling (20 km/h): 1.8
  • Tennis: 2.0
  • Soccer: 2.5

It is important to note that the PAL value can vary from person to person and that it is difficult to determine accurately. There are many factors that influence PAL value, such as type and intensity of physical activity, age, and gender.

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Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure that the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

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