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Everything you need to know about oat milk

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Oat milk is growing in popularity and has overtaken soy milk as a plant-based milk. Its natural sweetness, rich flavor and creamier texture than many other milk alternatives make it a versatile ingredient for sweet and savory dishes. But what exactly is oat milk and what are its nutritional benefits?

What is oat milk?

Oat milk is simply a mixture of oats and water, but many brands add ingredients like sweeteners, preservatives, and oils, as well as additional vitamins and minerals. Oat milk is suitable for people with food allergies because it is free of lactose, dairy and nuts and can also be gluten-free. However, since oats can be grown near gluten-containing grains, it is important to look for gluten-free varieties on the label.

Nutritional values of oat milk

The nutritional values of oat milk vary from brand to brand, but most plant-based milks are fortified with nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D, which are equivalent to those found in dairy products. However, it does not have the protein content of cow's milk and has a higher sugar content than almond milk.

How can you use oat milk?

You can use oat milk in many recipes, including smoothies, oatmeal, coffee, tea, lattes, mashed potatoes, and creamed soups. If you're willing to experiment, you can even make your own oat milk at home.

All in all, oat milk is a delicious, versatile and nutritious milk alternative that has become increasingly popular in recent years. With its allergen-free properties, creamy texture, and added nutritional benefits, it's no wonder it's quickly become a staple.

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