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Canned vegetables - Calorie table


Canned vegetables are foods that are made from fresh vegetables and then sterilized in cans or jars and sealed airtight to ensure a longer shelf life. Canned vegetables are a convenient alternative to fresh vegetables and can be eaten year-round.

There are many different types of canned vegetables, such as peas, corn, carrots, beans and tomatoes. Each type of canned vegetable has its own flavor and contains nutrients that can have a positive effect on health. Canned vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that are important for health.

It should be noted that canned vegetables are often enriched with salt and other preservatives to extend their shelf life. Excessive consumption of canned vegetables, especially those that contain additional salt, can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. It is therefore advisable to consume canned vegetables only in moderation and to resort to products without added salt.

The canned vegetables calorie table lists all foods with calories and nutritional values. The detailed nutritional values such as carbohydrates, protein and fat are listed with the respective product in the canned vegetables nutritional value table.

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