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Cream cheese - Calorie table


Fresh cheese is a soft, fresh cheese made from raw milk or cream. It has a creamy consistency and a mild flavor and is often used as a topping for bread, as a dip, or as an ingredient in sauces and soups.

There are many different types of cream cheese, such as cottage cheese, ricotta, feta and cream cheese. Each type has its own flavor and uses in cooking. Cream cheese is considered a healthier alternative to cream and other desserts because it contains less fat and calories.

Cream cheese is made from pasteurized milk, which minimizes the risk of bacterial infections. However, there are also fresh cheeses made from raw milk, and these products have a higher risk of infection. Therefore, fresh cheese should always be stored well and washed thoroughly before consumption to reduce the risk of infection.

The cream cheese calorie chart lists all foods with calories and nutritional values. Detailed nutritional values such as carbohydrates, protein and fat can be found with the respective product in the cream cheese nutritional value table.

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