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Recipes with wild garlic

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In spring, wild garlic, also called wild garlic, is an excellent substitute for regular garlic or chives. The aroma of wild garlic develops best when it is not heated during preparation. That's why recipes like cold-prepared wild garlic butter, vegan wild garlic spread and wild garlic pesto are especially popular and offer an extra kick of flavor. Fresh wild garlic can be used to prepare delicious recipes such as classic wild garlic pesto, wild garlic pesto with walnuts, wild garlic pasta and wild garlic soup. In addition, wild garlic can be made into wild garlic butter or wild garlic salt and stored longer. So you can enjoy the spicy-piquant taste of wild garlic on your plate even out of season.

Like other fresh herbs, wild garlic can be used for pesto, soups, dips and side dishes. Wild garlic pesto is a classic recipe in which fresh wild garlic is mixed with almonds or pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and olive oil and seasoned with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper. Wild garlic pesto keeps covered with oil in the refrigerator for several days. Wild garlic pesto tastes great with pasta or on toasted bread. For soups and stews, chop the wild garlic and cook it briefly at the end so that it does not lose too much flavor.

Did you know that you can freeze fresh wild garlic? Wash the leaves, pat them dry and freeze them whole or chopped in a freezer bag. This way, wild garlic will keep for up to six months. Wild garlic can be used to prepare delicious main dishes such as wild garlic gnocchi, wild garlic risotto or wild garlic cream soup. Wild garlic dumplings or wild garlic spaetzle as a side dish or stuffed with wild garlic are an excellent complement to hearty meat dishes such as spring roll roast and saltimbocca. For fish lovers, there is trout in wild garlic butter or salmon quiche with wild garlic.

For quick and everyday cooking, a jar of homemade wild garlic pesto is a great idea to add to pasta. Wild garlic leaves can be used for seasoning just like garlic, but they have the advantage of not forming a garlic plume. Use fresh wild garlic to retain many healthy ingredients, and discard wilted, discolored or dried leaves before processing. But be careful: heating wild garlic volatilizes some vital nutrients. It's best raw in wild herb curd, herb butter, wild garlic sauce, wild garlic mustard or as a flavorful pesto.

A homemade wild garlic butter is an easy-to-prepare, simple spread that spices up even bland gray bread. The tangy flavor of wild garlic makes a great healthy and quick-to-make pasta condiment. Depending on your preference, you can make a vegan wild garlic pesto or a classic wild garlic pesto with Parmesan. Wild garlic soup is one of the most popular recipes and for four plates of wild garlic soup you only need a few ingredients. Wild garlic is also great for flavoring sauces and dips of all kinds. Similar to a vegan mayonnaise, you can make a vegan wild garlic dip that is a great change from the classic hummus. It's great as a dip for raw vegetables and homemade nachos or as a healthy spread. The spicy leaves can be found in a recipe for a delicious wild garlic bread, which is an original eye-catcher at a picnic or barbecue buffet.

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