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Celery, celery stalks (fresh)

Celery, celery stalks (fresh)

Celery, celery stalks (fresh)

Celery, celery stalks (fresh) - Nutritional values for 1 Piece (30 g):

6.3 kcal
0.9 g
0.3 g
0 g

Celery, celery stalks (fresh) - Nutrition table:

Calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat can be viewed here in the calorie table and nutrition table.


Per 100 g Per portion (30 g)

Calorific value

87 kJ 26.1 kJ


21 kcal 6.3 kcal


3 g 0.9 g


1 g 0.3 g


0 g 0 g

Macronutrient distribution:

The food Celery, celery stalks (fresh) is composed of the following macronutrients.

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Celery is a nutritious and healthy food that offers a number of benefits:

  • Celery is rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K, vitamin C, folic acid and potassium.
  • Celery also contains fiber, which can aid digestion and prevent constipation.
  • It also contains antioxidants that protect the body from harmful free radicals and reduce the risk of disease.
  • Celery is low in calories, making it a healthy choice for people watching their calorie intake.

What you should know about celery

Celery is a popular kitchen vegetable made from the leaves and stems of the herbaceous plant. Its mild, tangy flavor and crunchy texture make it a versatile ingredient for many dishes.

Celery has been prized for centuries for its health-promoting properties.

It can be eaten raw or cooked and is great in soups, salads, smoothies and as a side dish to meat and fish dishes. It can also be baked, fried or steamed for a variety of textures and flavors.

Frequently asked questions

What is the shelf life of fresh celery in the refrigerator?

Fresh celery will keep in the refrigerator for about a week if properly packaged.

Can celery be frozen?

Celery can be frozen. It will keep in the freezer for up to 8 months.

When is celery available?

Celery is available year-round, but the peak season for fresh local celery is October through April. During this time, it is fresher, more flavorful and less expensive than during the other months of the year. However, it is important to note that the availability and quality of celery may also depend on factors such as climate, geographic location, and agricultural conditions.

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