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Recipes with cherry

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With their crisp skin, juicy sweet flesh and bright red color, cherries are an excellent choice for any culinary creation. With the start of the cherry season in June, it's time again for delicious cherry recipes, which in great variety will make the cherry season a culinary delight into August.

The choice of cherry recipes depends mostly on personal taste, but sweet varieties are best for snacking raw. They go well in a fruit salad and are the best topping for cakes and pies that don't require baking. Sour cherries, on the other hand, are especially good for baking and taste great in sweet desserts like cherry pudding, red fruit jelly, cherry jam or cherry syrup because they have a more aromatic flavor. In addition to all the sweet classics, cherries also enhance wonderfully savory meat dishes such as game, duck or goose with their fruity, tart note.

The number of cherry varieties is almost endless, but in the trade a distinction is only made between sour cherries, sweet cherries and mixed cherries. Sour cherries originated in the Middle East, but are now grown almost throughout the northern hemisphere. Sour cherries are excellent for pies, jams, sweet casseroles and grits, as their tart, tart flavor is a wonderful complement to sweet components.

Cherry juice offers a culinary alternative. Especially tart-sweet varieties such as sweet and sour cherries are excellent for making juice. The fruity result is ideal for hot cherries or punch. But sour cherries are not only convincing in desserts or juices; they also cut a fine figure in savory dishes. For example, as a tart, fruity accent to game, liver or poultry.

Sweet cherries, on the other hand, originated in the Black Sea region, but are now grown in temperate zones worldwide. Sweet cherries are excellent for pure consumption or for culinary ideas. They enrich summer drinks such as cherry mojitos, classic cherry tarts or even red fruit jelly. They are also popular for breakfast - for example in a fresh fruit salad or in a fruity cherry yogurt with muesli.

Classics such as cherry pie, French clafoutis, fruity cheesecake or muffins are perfect for indulging in the flavor explosion of cherries. A classic Black Forest cake is made with sour cherries and presents itself creamy and fruity.

A dessert with cherries is the crowning glory of any meal: cherry compote, cherry pie, trifle, cherry amaretti yogurt, cherry cream or white chocolate mousse with cherries are just a few examples of how cherries can be used to enhance your dessert program. Cherries are also excellent for preserving and can be used for cooking and baking all year round.

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