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Recipes with applesauce

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Applesauce is the epitome of delicious indulgence and the ideal accompaniment to many dishes. With our recipes, you can prepare a puree that you can eat immediately or store for later enjoyment. Often considered a classic side dish for Kaiserschmarrn or pancakes, applesauce is not only suitable for desserts. The tempting mush goes great with fried potatoes, potato pancakes, and even meat dishes like steak.

Applesauce tastes best during the peak apple season from August to October. That's when apples are at their tastiest and are harvested locally, making preparation quick and easy. Fresh applesauce is a delicious addition to Älplermagronen, pancakes, muesli, rice pudding and yogurt, and an irresistible dessert.

Preserved applesauce can be stored in jars for up to four months, so it can be enjoyed again and again. With a few simple ingredients, you can make applesauce just the way you like it. Two to three cinnamon sticks before pureeing add a touch of warmth to the puree. A hint of fresh vanilla can be added to the puree with two fresh vanilla beans, scraped out and mixed into the simmering applesauce before pureeing.

Applesauce can also be enjoyed without sugar as stewed apples and retains its delicious flavor as an accompaniment to pancakes, rice pudding and more, making it a healthier alternative. The apples do not need to be peeled and canning with the skin is not only possible, but also very nutritious, as the skin is particularly rich in vitamins.

For a sweeter and more aromatic mush, you can use apple juice instead of water when canning apples. For a special flavor, you can also use sweet white wine instead of water, which, when combined with cinnamon and the puree, creates a wonderful autumnal taste. Unfortunately, store-bought applesauce is often very high in sugar, so homemade applesauce is the healthier alternative. With little effort, you can make your own applesauce with no added sugar and enjoy its delicious flavor as a topping for rice pudding, cottage cheese, or even as a healthy snack. Thanks to its versatility, homemade applesauce can even be used as a binder in vegan baking recipes and as an egg substitute.

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