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Recipes with pineapple

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Considered the king fruit of the tropics, the bright juicy pineapple has a unique sweet and sour flavor that can be combined with a variety of ingredients to create delicious recipes. From spicy chicken dishes to smoothies to sweet treats, pineapple's versatile yellow flesh adds a tropical twist to any dish.

Indulge in our delicious pineapple recipe collection and discover the versatility of this exotic fruit. Pineapple goes well with spicy dishes like ham and chicken curry, but it can also be used to sweeten smoothies. The fruit's natural sweetness makes it the perfect addition to salads, cakes and desserts.

But beware: combining pineapple with dairy products like milk can result in a bitter taste due to the protein-splitting enzyme bromelain. Instead, try sweet and savory pineapple recipes like ham and corn pizza, pineapple carpaccio and exotic trifle for a touch of South Seas flair on your plate.

From classic Toast Hawaii to pineapple fondue and coconut milk rice, the possibilities for pineapple recipes are endless. It is impossible to imagine the kitchen without the pineapple. Whether hot or cold, the fruit brings a touch of summer to the table.

With our collection of pineapple recipes, including useful tips and tricks for peeling and slicing the fruit, you can fully realize the potential of this tropical delicacy. Let the sweetness of the pineapple enchant you and bring a touch of the tropics into your kitchen today!

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