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Salad - Calorie table


Salad is a side dish or main course consisting of fresh, raw pieces of vegetables or fruits cut into strips or pieces, usually dipped in a salad dressing or sauce. Salads are served in numerous variations in many countries around the world on different occasions and at all times of the year.

Salads can be made from a variety of ingredients, from green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, iceberg lettuce and spinach to fruits such as apples, pears and oranges. There are also salads made from roasted or grilled pieces of vegetables or meat. Salads are often flavored with a variety of spices, herbs and dressings to enhance the taste.

The salad calorie chart lists all foods with calories and nutritional values. Detailed nutritional values such as carbohydrates, protein and fat are listed with the respective product in the salad nutrition table.

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