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Recipes with asparagus

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From April to the end of June, the fine vegetable is available at the weekly markets and fresh from the asparagus farm. Asparagus tastes great in salads, soups and pasta dishes or quite classic with ham and hollandaise sauce. From April, stalls line the streets selling sweet berries and, above all, asparagus! Whether fresh from the stand or from the farm store, the noble vegetable is a real treat for the senses. 

We present a variety of simple, classic and refined asparagus recipes for every taste. Asparagus recipes with meat are among the most popular dishes of the asparagus season. No wonder, because in combination with juicy ham, crispy cutlets or tender fillets, asparagus is a real treat for the palate. And of course, the homemade Hollandaise sauce must not be missing with this classic!

Another classic is the asparagus soup. First, a broth is cooked from the asparagus peels, which serves as a soup base, and then the asparagus is added. In this way, the seductive aroma of the asparagus unfolds. With a little cream, the asparagus soup becomes delicious and creamy. The following ingredients go well with white asparagus: bacon, wild garlic, strawberries and nectarines, egg dishes, feta, nut butter, pancakes, Wiener schnitzel and minute steaks.

Simple and easy asparagus recipes from the oven are also delicious. Baked or gratinated asparagus, combined with feta and strawberries or salmon, as asparagus quiche or asparagus casserole - the possibilities are endless. Simple asparagus recipes from the pan, such as juicy pork medallions with vegetables or crispy asparagus rolls, offer delicious roasted flavors. A crisp asparagus and strawberry salad is easy to prepare and, with its delicious combination of savory and fruity flavors, is a great way to get in the mood for summer.

White asparagus can also be prepared vegetarian, for example with potatoes. Turned in beer batter and deep-fried in oil, white asparagus tastes especially delicious. Add a quick herb curd and a small salad - lunch or dinner is ready! If you are or want to become vegan and reduce animal products in your diet, there are also vegan asparagus recipes that make the season extra special. Fresh asparagus is a low-calorie vegetable packed with vitamins and nutrients. If you prepare the white spears without carbohydrate-containing side dishes like potatoes or pasta, you'll enjoy a delicious low-carb asparagus recipe. For example, try the classic asparagus salad with egg or the white asparagus casserole.

Get inspired by our recipes with white and green asparagus. Whether as a casserole, salad or soup, white asparagus can be prepared in many ways. Discover how to make it delicious time and time again with easy and quick asparagus recipes! Enjoy the taste of the asparagus season!

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