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Recipes with pomegranates

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The pomegranate, popularly known as the fruit of the gods, is not only a sweet and fruity enrichment for our cuisine. It also adds a special touch to any classic dish and makes it an extraordinary eye-catcher. The recipes with pomegranate show how easy it is to prepare or refine sweet and savory dishes with this versatile fruit. The pomegranate brings color into the kitchen and onto the plate. It originated in Asia, where it is often combined with savory and hearty dishes in oriental cuisine. The recipe for pomegranate chicken, for example, combines the characteristic sweetness of the fruit with a subtle acidity that harmonizes well with meat and strong spices. Red Cabbage Pomegranate Salad with Minced Meat is another example of how pomegranate can spice up a dish with the intense Middle Eastern flavors of coriander, cumin and chili. But combining rice noodles with pomegranate also offers an authentic Asian treat.

There is a simple trick to loosen the seeds from the fruit. Fill a bowl with water and cut the fruit in half with a knife. Then put the halves in the water and break them into small pieces, this way the seeds can be easily released. Meatless pomegranate dishes are also delicious, for example, the sweet and sour taste of the fruit in a field or other leaf salad with pomegranate. An herb salad, in turn, can be prepared with a pomegranate dressing that gives the greens bite and a fruity, exotic flavor. A combination of juicy pomegranate seeds and creamy avocado is also recommended, as in an avocado-pomegranate salad. A bulgur salad with pomegranate syrup is simply delicious, and for a warm vegetarian pomegranate meal, check out this recipe for Hasselback sweet potatoes stuffed with tangy avocado aioli and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

The exotic sweetness of the pomegranate is perfect for sophisticated desserts like creamy pomegranate cheesecake. The red seeds of the fruit serve as an exotic topping that gives the pastry a special touch and an unusual appearance. The crunchy seeds also lend new zest to other familiar dessert classics, such as the recipe for sago chocolate pudding, and even classic cream puffs get a new flavor boost with a filling of pomegranate coconut cream. Pomegranates don't just look good, they are also very healthy, as they can relieve digestive problems and even prevent cancer.

Whether it's pomegranate ice cream, vegetable casserole or oriental spinach salad, the possibilities for pomegranate recipes are endless. The crunchy seeds of the pomegranate enrich every dish.

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