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Recipes with red cabbage

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Red cabbage, also called blue cabbage in some regions, is a delicious, crunchy vegetable that makes a great side dish to any meal. It is easy to prepare and with fresh ingredients it always succeeds. This traditional recipe for apple red cabbage is a must-try, and it's so versatile that you can combine it in a variety of ways to create new dishes.

With its high content of iron, vitamin C and minerals, red cabbage not only tastes good, but also strengthens and supports the immune system. In our recipe, the important fiber of red cabbage is preserved by gentle cooking. It is a staple in winter and the perfect complement to the classic roast or Christmas goose. In our unique collection of recipes, you'll find several ways to incorporate red cabbage into your meals.

The winter staple is often associated with the festive season and serves as a side dish to roasts, roulades and Christmas dishes. The classic red cabbage can be reinvented with spices like speculoos or a combination of ingredients like caramelized chestnuts and plum jam. It can also be made savory by omitting the apple and adding pear and diced bacon instead. Red cabbage's versatility is reflected in its many names.

Red cabbage can be used not only as a side dish, but also as a main ingredient in a variety of dishes. It can be used in lasagna, stews and even on pizza. The winter vegetable becomes a deliciously fruity salad with the addition of tangy orange and grapefruit pieces, rounded out by the mild flavor of honey. A warm red cabbage salad with pomegranate seeds, sweet dates and savory feta is a treat for those who are mourning their summer salads. Red cabbage is also very popular in Asia and is often used in salads because of its spicy, nutty and sweet and sour taste, for example in a low-carb raw vegetable salad.

Grandma's recipes are always the best, and this sweet apple red cabbage with crispy bacon is no exception. The recipe is a classic that has been passed down from generation to generation and tastes just as good today as it did on day one. A roast without meat can also be a hit at Christmas: The vegan version becomes crispy and flavorful with the addition of nuts, breadcrumbs and herbs.

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