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Recipes with potatoes

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Potatoes are one of the most widely consumed foods in the world and it's hard to imagine our cuisine without them as a classic staple, whether as a main dish or a side dish. Learn which potato varieties are best for which dishes and how best to store potatoes to keep them fresh. From soups to salads, casseroles to mashed potatoes, boiled, fried or baked, potatoes are incredibly versatile and offer unparalleled flavor as both a side dish and a main course. Whether it's firm boiled potatoes with a tangy sauce, roasted in the oven, or a creamy soup that warms the heart, potatoes are quick and easy to prepare and the ways to cook them are varied.

Apart from the main ingredient, all potato recipes have one thing in common: they taste delicious! Why not try out different recipes, such as potato gratin with spinach? There's no denying that potato recipes are the best, and the potato remains a staple on plates around the world that never loses popularity. From fried potatoes to mashed potatoes to grated and fried potatoes, the tuber is incredibly versatile and never gets boring. Potato dishes are also filling over a longer period of time and are considered one of the healthiest carbohydrate options. Sweet potato, a close relative of the potato, also adds a unique flavor with its sweet note and lends itself to many recipes. Use both tubers in these recipes for main dishes with potatoes.

Potatoes are versatile: they can be baked, fried, boiled or mashed. Here you'll find our best potato recipes. From potato casseroles to salads and gratins to Italian potato cake - discover a variety of potato delicacies from the oven. You'll find vegetarian potato recipes, international creations and more tasty treats here. Potatoes are also the perfect side dish, because they fill you up for a long time and can be prepared in many different ways. From mashed potatoes to pancakes to fried potatoes - here you'll find recipes and professional tips for delicious potato variations. Learn the difference between floury and waxy potatoes, find out what potato varieties there are, what's in a potato and how to prepare it. Also try our sweet potato and Jerusalem artichoke recipes! The potato is a tuber that lives up to its nickname "great tuber": low in calories, delicious and always new. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this popular food.

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