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Recipes with olive oil

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Dive into the world of healthy and delicious recipes with olive oil. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, olive oil is a perfect substitute for conventional cooking oils and promotes cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol levels. Indulge your palate with a variety of dishes that can be made with olive oil, from spicy vegetable pasta to zesty pike-perch fillet to classic tomato soup. Discover our versatile collection of recipes using olive oil.

Enjoy the essence of Mediterranean cuisine with the versatile use of olive oil, the most important oil and fat in the gastronomy of this region. Whether frying, steaming or baking, olive oil enhances the flavor of meat, fish and vegetables. Let the typical flavors of the Mediterranean permeate your cooking.

Olive oil is praised as a fountain of youth because of its healthy ingredients, but not all olive oil is the same. A distinction is made between extra virgin olive oil, second-press virgin olive oil and refined olive oil, all of which have their own flavor and quality. Olive oil is excellent for cooking, but should not be exposed to high temperatures. The distinctive flavor of olive oil is also great for seasoning salads. Find your ideal olive oil recipe and enjoy the quality of the oil!

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