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Recipes with rice

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Rice dishes, classics from around the world, and international cuisine combine to create a tantalizing variety of rice recipes! From the creamy risotto of Italy to the spicy rice of the Orient, from the fried rice of Asia to the delicious rice rolls of Greece, this versatile food is eaten all over the world, and each region gives it a unique culinary flair.

In paella, a staple of Spanish cuisine, white meat, seafood, garlic and vegetables are mixed with rice, giving the dish a saffron-yellow color. Risotto, a popular dish from Italy, charms the palate with its creamy yet savory texture. Cajun cuisine offers a spicy take on Spanish paella, while India favors a bolder version with spices like saffron or cinnamon and sweet ingredients like raisins. In Indonesian nasi goreng, which means boiled fried rice, the rice is first boiled and then fried.

In our collection of recipes, you'll find these and other international staples that present rice in different variations - with vegetables, fried meat or fish, sauces or cheese, the possibilities are endless! A paprika rice skillet with a creamy yogurt-garlic sauce is a quick, vegetarian option and an easy after-work treat. Save time with a one pot meal, perfect for garlic lovers!

Ever tried rice with vegetables in a creamy cheese sauce? How about djuvec rice? Or a rice casserole with three different kinds of cheese? If not, then it's time to expand your horizons! For those with a sweet tooth, classic rice pudding is just the thing - we'll show you how to make the perfect breakfast or dessert.

Since most rice dishes are suitable for reheating, preparation is a breeze, making lunch or dinner a delicious experience. Get ready to enjoy the diverse and delicious rice dishes from around the world!

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