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Recipes with broccoli

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It's hard to imagine everyday life without broccoli recipes. The green, healthy florets are a culinary delight and can be prepared in many delicious ways. Let yourself be inspired by creamy soups, hearty casseroles and sophisticated side dishes. Quick to prepare and healthy, broccoli is the epitome of a culinary masterpiece that shouldn't be missing from your plate.

We present you with a selection of our tastiest broccoli recipes, each with its own twist. A little tip: don't throw away the broccoli florets. The hard parts can be easily cut off and prepared just like the florets. Green, healthy and appetizing, broccoli is a true vegetable star, rich in minerals and vitamins, wholesome and flavorful.

In addition to its classic role as a vegetable side dish, broccoli shines as a main ingredient in broccoli strudel, broccoli soup, broccoli quiche, broccoli smoothie and much more. Here you will find not only the best broccoli recipes, but also tips and suggestions for preparation, such as how to keep the green color while cooking.

Broccoli is not only suitable as a side dish. Thanks to its versatility and creativity, it can enhance both appetizers and main dishes. Steaming is a great way to preserve the nutritional value of the vegetable.

The focus is on dishes that emphasize the healthy and delicious properties of the vegetable. Our vegetarian broccoli recipes are full of flavor and go great with roasted fish, meat or vegan meatballs. From simple boiled florets to crispy nuggets, baked or fried - the preparation possibilities are endless.

If you refine the broccoli florets with sliced almonds, roasted onions, ham and Parmesan cheese, you will convince even the biggest skeptics. A broccoli casserole with creamy sauce and crispy cheese is a comfort food at its best, whether served with pasta or potatoes. The same goes for creamy broccoli soups thickened with potatoes, chickpeas or spinach, or seasoned with spices like curry.

Simple, no-fuss stir-fry dishes like Asian-spiced noodles or rice are the perfect solution to a stressful lifestyle. Simply sauté broccoli and vegetables of choice, add rice or noodles and deglaze with soy sauce. Crispy fried tofu or chicken strips round out the dish, and toasted sesame seeds or chopped peanuts add the finishing touch.

Broccoli is a local superfood, a real vitamin and mineral bomb, rich in vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Adding broccoli to your diet is always a good idea, and when combined with other vegetables, complex carbohydrates like whole grains, and protein sources like fish, eggs, dairy, or legumes, its nutritional value multiplies. A colorful, crunchy broccoli salad is a fantastic way to achieve this.

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