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Recipes with oatmeal

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Oatmeal is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their popularity stems from the fact that they contain many healthy ingredients like fiber and iron, making them a nutritious choice for any meal. We've compiled a list of recipes using oatmeal that you should definitely try!

Using oatmeal for cooking and baking is nothing new. Their ability to bind fried foods, add a crunchy texture to breads and rolls, and thicken dishes like kale has long been known. In the following oatmeal recipes, we've given this grain the tasty starring role for a change!

Oatmeal is often used as a breakfast cereal, but it can also be mixed with a variety of nuts and seeds to make a crunchy granola. Cooked, oatmeal makes a porridge or hearty oatmeal soup - a great choice for those who are sick or want to lose weight.

In baking, oatmeal is a popular ingredient for pancakes, oatmeal cookies, waffles and cake layers. There are three different types of oatmeal: whole grain oatmeal, tender oatmeal, and instant oatmeal. Each has its own texture and flavor, making them suitable for different recipes.

Hearty oatmeal is trending and it's not hard to see why. Oatmeal is a healthy and filling base for many hearty lunches and dinners. Mushrooms, vegetables, meats and egg dishes are just a few of the most popular side dishes for hearty oatmeal recipes.

Oats and oatmeal are among the healthiest grains available, and millions of people around the world eat them. Oatmeal is rich in essential protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins, which makes it an important ingredient in natural medicine. Vitamins B6 and B9 are especially important for mental well-being, as they promote the production of serotonin and the formation of red blood cells.

Oatmeal also stimulates digestion and satisfies hunger for several hours, making it popular with weight loss enthusiasts. Oatmeal is often considered a sweet breakfast dish, but it can also be used in savory lunches or dinners. With a little imagination, oatmeal can be used to create delicious recipes with eggs, meat, avocados and many other ingredients. Why not try out a delicious oatmeal recipe!

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