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Recipes with chickpeas

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With their mild, nutty flavor and versatility, chickpea recipes should not be missing from any menu. The legumes are a staple food in many regions of Africa and Asia and are becoming increasingly popular in other countries as well, especially among vegetarians and vegans, as they are rich in iron and protein. Chickpeas are known for their use in classic Middle Eastern cuisine, especially in dishes such as creamy hummus or crispy falafel. However, the creative possibilities of chickpeas are endless, as they can be used in soups, salads, pastries, spreads and even pasta.

Chickpeas are true nutritional powerhouses and keep you full for a long time thanks to their high fiber content. They can be used in a variety of dishes, from Mexican-inspired chickpea chili to Indian chickpea-pea curry, and make great soup toppings or salad ingredients like bulgur or couscous. Chickpeas are especially popular in vegetarian cooking because they provide iron and protein, but also because of their versatility in the kitchen. Creamy vegan spreads, hearty main dishes, crunchy snacks and even sweet cakes can be made with chickpeas.

Homemade falafel made with chickpeas, onions, garlic and a mix of herbs and spices such as parsley, cilantro and paprika are a popular alternative to meat in kebabs or dürüm. Chickpeas also love hot spices, so don't be afraid of garlic, onions, black pepper, chili, etc. Unusual variations like pea-turmeric falafel or beet falafel make for great colors and ever-changing flavors. Serve falafel with green salad, pickled vegetables, in a wrap or pita pocket, with yogurt sauce or hummus. For a more substantial meal, falafel can be served in a Buddha bowl.

Chickpea pancakes with feta are a delicious and easy-to-prepare version of falafel. The crispy chickpea quinoa burger will make any vegetarian's heart beat faster. Chickpea soups and salads are very healthy and can be perfectly combined with other ingredients. For example, you can jazz up a simple tomato soup with canned chickpeas or make a jarred chickpea feta soup that's perfect for the office. A jarred chickpea millet salad is another clever idea for an on-the-go lunch. Pasta made from chickpeas is also a good option, as it is gluten-free and low in carbohydrates. You can find recipes for chickpea fusilli with paprika caprese or sugar-free Greek pasta salad in the recipe collections. There are also many other chickpea soups, stews and curries to try.

Chickpeas are a versatile and nutritious ingredient that no menu should be without. From dips to soups and salads to baked goods, there are endless ways to use chickpeas in the kitchen. Due to their high fiber content, they provide long-lasting satiety, making them an ideal addition to any meal.

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