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Recipes with cream

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For some, cream is a minor sin, but it's what makes a dish truly extraordinary. A splash of cream in a sauce or a touch of whipped cream on a dessert can turn an ordinary dish into something extraordinary. The uses of cream in the kitchen are almost endless, and it can be used to thicken sauces and enhance a variety of dishes. Cream is an incredibly versatile ingredient for sauces, desserts and pastries, and its high fat content makes it an excellent flavor carrier.

When you add whipping cream or sour cream to a sauce, you'll immediately notice a difference in flavor intensity. The fat contained in the cream enhances the flavors of the other ingredients and provides a rich, creamy texture. Be careful with wine sauces, however. The higher the acidity of the sauce, the more likely the cream will curdle when added. But never fear, heavy cream is a lifesaver. With a fat content of at least 45%, double cream stands up to even the most acidic sauces, making it the perfect addition to casseroles and other dishes where you're not sure about the acidity.

However, cream is not only suitable for meat dishes. Vegetarians can also benefit from the versatility of cream, for example in a pasta casserole with peppers. Cream is a true multi-talent and can be used for baking, desserts and sauces. From cakes to pies to ice cream, cream is one of the most important ingredients in cooking. Depending on the type of cream, its fat content and consistency differ: whipped cream has a fat content of 30%, while cream has a fat content of 80%. If you want to save fat without sacrificing taste, you should use low-fat cream.

When whipping cream, it is important to cool all utensils beforehand so that the cream does not lose its shape. A spoonful of powdered sugar or cream stiffener can help stabilize the cream. When adding whipped cream to your dessert, be sure to let it set in the refrigerator before serving. Whipped cream can also be used to enhance other desserts, such as chocolate mousse or custard.

If you are looking for more desserts with cream, you can try panna cotta. Not to be forgotten is the famous White Russian, a cocktail made of vodka, coffee liqueur and a layer of whipped cream. This cocktail is heavy and decadent and can even replace dessert. Another popular creamy cocktail is the tropical Pina Colada. With its creamy coconut flavor, it is the perfect ending to a meal.

Cream is an ingredient that adds flavor and richness to any dish. From sauces to desserts to cocktails, cream is an incredibly versatile and delicious ingredient that adds something special to any dish.

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