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Recipes with spinach

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With spinach as your main ingredient, you'll find recipes that leave a lasting impression. From a simple side dish to a sophisticated main course, spinach is a versatile vegetable that has always been a staple in Italian cuisine. From the iconic carbonara to pesto alla genovese to the satisfying lasagna alla bolognese, Italy has a wealth of delicious dishes to offer.

But spinach isn't just a delicious ingredient - it's also considered a healthy food, which makes it even more appealing. Whether used as a filling for pasta with ricotta or combined with salmon and shrimp, spinach adds a special touch to any dish. Fresh vegetables like peppers and mushrooms also go well with this leafy vegetable.

Take a look at our hand-picked collection of recipes with spinach that are as healthy as they are delicious. From creamy risotto to gnocchi and pasta dishes to the classic torta rustica.

Not only that, the spinach burger with creamy cream cheese, crunchy spinach leaves and tender beef patties is a must-try. And the potato gratin with salty bacon and nutty spinach is a new favorite. Craving something sweet? The spinach salad with pink raspberries, hazelnuts and creamy feta is a delicious balance of sweet and savory.

Gnocchi take on a whole new meaning when combined with spinach. Served with a creamy bechamel sauce, the Italian dish is a real treat. Speaking of indulgence, the Superfood Bowl with quinoa, ginger, chickpeas and spinach is a nutritious meal in itself.

A journey through the culinary world with spinach. Roasted vegetables, Arabic spice blends and creamy Café de Paris butter transport you to faraway lands. And the Turkish sigara börek with a spicy-creamy spinach-feta filling are finger food at its best.

Pasta and spinach have always been a great combination, and this creamy, crunchy pasta dish is no exception. And when you're in a hurry, these spinach muffins are the perfect snack between meals. A new favorite side dish is buckwheat with spinach, a gluten-free grain rich in protein. And steamed salmon with spinach and raisins is a fresh and delicious twist on the classic combination.

Don't let it get you down in the morning - treat yourself to a crunchy and nutritious breakfast with spinach. The spinach and onion casserole with fried egg is a power breakfast that will give you the energy you need for the day. And the spinach crepe with salmon, avocado and crisp lettuce is a nutritious powerhouse that will fill you up.

Whether you prefer sweet or savory, there's a spinach recipe for every taste.

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