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Recipes with tomatoes

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From the small cherry tomato, popular with young and old, to the large beef tomato, great for soups and sauces, tomatoes come in all shapes, sizes and colors. From the classic round tomato to ribbed or smooth varieties to the golden yellow Pomodoro. With so much variety in tomatoes, the possibilities for culinary creations are endless.

Whether in a salad, soup or sauce, there is a recipe for every taste. Tomatoes are great for salads and cold dishes like caprese, mozzarella and tomato sauce, but they're also great for cooking. Try tomato sauce, tomato soup, stuffed tomatoes or tomato quiche to satisfy your cravings.

Tomatoes not only taste delicious, they are also healthy and versatile. When choosing tomatoes, look for quality and reach for organic varieties that taste sweet and juicy. Homegrown tomatoes are available from June to August, and nowhere do they taste as good as in the sunny regions of southern Europe.

Italian cuisine is famous for its tomato dishes such as spaghetti al pomodoro, insalata caprese and pappa al pomodoro. An aromatic tomato sauce is a must for Italian pasta and tomatoes are indispensable as a topping for bruschetta or classic dishes such as lasagna, pizza margherita or parmigiana die melanzane.

Tomatoes are the basis for many simple recipes that are prepared in no time. Whether it's cream of tomato soup, shakshuka, potato and tomato casserole, oven-baked tomatoes, simple tomato quiche or Greek-style tomato rice, there's a tomato recipe for every occasion.

So browse through the variety of tomato recipes and recreate them. Whether you prefer your tomatoes in a salad, in a soup or in a sauce, these recipes are full of flavor and will satisfy even the most discerning palate. Let yourself be inspired by our tomato recipes and seduced by the abundance of flavors and colors.

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