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Recipes with celery

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For far too long, celery has been dismissed as a mere soup vegetable, but the world didn't know the incredible potential it holds. Roasting, steaming, boiling and much more - the possibilities with this power vegetable are endless. And there's not just one type of celery - celeriac, celery stalks and celery all have their own unique flavor and texture.

But it's not just about flavor - celery has a number of health benefits, too. It has anti-inflammatory properties, is good for the stomach, and may even protect against cancer. And the taste? Well, it's a subject that divides opinion. Some love it, others hate it. But whatever your stance on the celery debate, you can't deny that celery is an excellent garnish for drinks, dips and salads.

And don't think celery can only be eaten raw - it tastes great cooked, too. It goes well with apples and cheese and is a great ingredient for gratinating. And let's not forget soup - celery is a natural ingredient in this cozy dish. But that's not all: in Asian cuisine, celery is a valuable ingredient in stews, casseroles and gratins, to name just a few examples.

The uses of celeriac are just as varied. It is a popular soup vegetable, but can also be deep-fried and breaded to make a crunchy snack. And if you like it a little fancier, you can deep-fry it with a spicy mushroom-vegetable sauce. Yum!

Whether you use celery as the main ingredient or just as a subtle flavor enhancer, it's a vegetable that deserves a place in your kitchen. Rich in B vitamins, minerals and fiber, it's not only nutritious, but delicious. Get inspired by our quick and easy recipes and get ready to fall in love with celery all over again.

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