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Recipes with salmon

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Salmon is a nutritious fish with many healthy nutrients, making it a popular choice for main dishes, appetizers and snacks. Whether served with pasta and asparagus, as a topping on crispy salmon pizza, or as finger food in the form of salmon rolls, the tender and healthy fish always goes down well.

For a quick and tasty salmon pasta, you need delicious salmon and pasta of your choice. For example, tagliatelle, because they perfectly absorb the rich and creamy salmon sauce. You can add some fresh cream and tomato paste to enhance the flavor. You can use fresh salmon without skin or frozen salmon. Either way, salmon recipes like this are quick and easy to prepare with just a few natural ingredients. Salmon sauce can be prepared without industrial ready-made products, making it an all-rounder in the kitchen. The popular fish salmon can be prepared in many ways, whether as a whole or fresh fillet, grilled or smoked or in combination with vegetables such as asparagus. Salmon from the oven is a special treat when inviting friends over, and when served as streaky salmon, it can turn a quick dinner into a delicious culinary experience. Another recipe is Swedish salmon casserole, where the salmon is cooked with potatoes without adding any oil or fat and topped with a crispy cheese crust. 

It is important to know that pollock, also called coalfish, is not related to salmon, although it belongs to the cod family. It is more similar to haddock or cod and bears little resemblance to Alaska pollock. Although it is heavily fished, pollock stocks are considered safe, making it one of the most popular food fish in the country. A major reason for its popularity is its ease of processing. Fresh fish, smoked and frozen fillets are available on the market. Pollock is excellent for fish rolls, crispy baked fish or for preparing fish goulash or fish kebabs. The firm meat is ideal for baking, grilling or frying. When it comes to enjoying salmon, the possibilities are endless. Not only does its buttery flesh melt in your mouth, but its omega-3 fatty acids are also important for your health.

Whatever recipe you choose, always make sure the fish is of the best quality and provenance. Browse our selection of salmon recipes and find the right one for you.

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