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Recipes with beans

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Green bean recipes are a culinary wonder - they make a delicious appetizer, side dish or even main course. Whether freshly harvested or frozen, the versatility of these crunchy legumes is limitless - everything from a hearty green bean stew to bacon-wrapped green beans is possible. Green beans are readily available from July through October. But if you're craving green beans out of season, you can simply freeze or cook them.

Beans are undoubtedly one of the most popular and adaptable legumes. They have been an important part of the cuisine of the indigenous people of South America for almost 7000 years and were even considered a valuable source of food at that time. Today, beans are mainly served as a side dish in salads or soups and only rarely as a main course.

To preserve flavor and vitamins optimally, it is recommended to cook fresh beans only briefly in liquid. With over 100 different varieties of beans, each with its own flavor and appearance, the culinary possibilities are truly diverse.

Beans are a member of the papilionaceous and legume family and come in many different shapes and sizes. We'll introduce you to different types and varieties of beans, and even offer several bean recipes for you to try. Whether you're making a bean salad, a stew or a main dish, you're sure to enjoy these nutrient-rich legumes.

Green beans, wax beans, kidney beans and so on - there's no denying the versatility and flavor of beans. Browse through our recipes and discover countless delicious dishes with different types of beans. From grandma's classic bean stew to the irresistible combination of green beans with bacon or pears, there's something for everyone.

Preparing fresh green beans is a breeze - just cut off the ends and boil, roast or steam the beans whole. There is no need to shell them separately. Although it is recommended not to eat fresh green beans raw, as they contain toxic phasin.

Green beans are not only suitable for filling main dishes such as stews and casseroles, but also for delicious appetizers and side dishes. Whether as a simple green bean salad or spicy antipasti, marinated or grilled, green beans are the perfect complement to fish, meat and other vegetables. The main thing is crunchy!

We've compiled a list of green bean recipes for you to try, whether you prefer meat, fish or vegetarian fare. Try the protein-rich tomato tofu with beans, baked cod with veggies, or the classic combination of pears, beans, and smoked pork! And if you're short on time, try the crunchy vegetable salad with beans, broccoli and spinach or the delicious pasta with nasturtium and beans - the possibilities are endless.

With such a variety of beans, each with its own flavor and appearance, it's no wonder they're a staple. Pole beans, kidney beans, red beans, black beans, white beans - they can all be combined in countless ways to create an array of delicious dishes.

Experiment with different bean recipes to recreate your favorite home cooking dishes, or try the delights of Italian cuisine with dishes like beans alla Fiorentina or the South American classic chili con carne. And don't forget the Austrian specialty beetle bean, which is eaten as a beef salad in Styria.

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