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Recipes with fennel

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Fennel, the versatile vegetable with a unique flavor, can be creatively combined in a variety of dishes. From delicious main dishes to flavorful side dishes and salads, fennel can be transformed into a culinary masterpiece.

When you pan-fry fennel with other vegetables, you get a delicious stir-fry dish. Cut the fennel into strips, add garlic and tomato paste and pan fry it with honey. Together with goat cheese and walnuts, it makes a perfect combination. A delicious variation is to add grated fennel and chopped fennel greens to the potato rösti mixture. Fry until crispy and garnish as desired.

For a main dish from the oven, dress the fennel with potatoes, carrots, squash and corn. Turkey strips add a special touch and rosemary, thyme and marjoram can be combined with balsamic vinegar, honey and lemon slices. Fennel bulbs go well with fish and meat dishes, especially when baked in the oven together with carrots, parsnips and Victoria perch fillet or herb dorade. As a side dish, roasted pork medallions with sweet potatoes, beet and lime go well with the fennel from the tray.

When you need to make it quick: Put fennel, peppers, beet and olives in the oven with feta. Drizzle with lemon juice and olive oil, sprinkle with sesame seeds and salt - ready is a quick and delicious dish. As a dip, hummus goes well with baked vegetables. Combine fennel with walnuts, blue cheese and grapes and garnish with fennel greens.

For a creamy quiche, use fennel with carrots and pine nuts. Vegetarian dishes with fennel are quick and easy to prepare, such as pasta dishes with cooked tagliatelle, fennel and snow peas sautéed with cherry tomatoes, onion rings and garlic. Fresh basil, fennel greens, olive oil, salt and pepper give the dish the right flavor. An alternative is risotto recipes with fennel and pine nuts.

Fennel is great combined with curry, especially in a potato-fennel soup. Toasted bread cubes seasoned with salt, pepper and curry add a special touch to the dish. A vegetarian fennel curry can also be prepared with red lentils, ghee, freshly squeezed orange juice, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, chili, garlic, curry, turmeric and salt. Add carrots or other vegetables as desired. If you want to try an Italian fennel recipe, try Ribollita, a vegan Tuscan vegetable soup with fennel, pumpkin, potatoes, black cabbage, tomatoes and white beans. Season with bread pieces and fresh parsley, thyme and fennel greens.

Enjoy the high vitamin content of fennel not only in hot dishes, but also in crunchy salads. Combine fennel strips with raspberries or oranges for a fruity touch and with baby spinach, walnuts, feta or spelt. Fennel bulbs also taste good with kohlrabi. Tomato paste, vinegar, olive oil and agave syrup can be used to make a delicious salad dressing, which can be given a colorful touch with toasted sesame seeds, olive rings and shredded carrots. For a sweet and spicy fennel salad, combine fennel with grapes and pears and garnish the salad with chives and walnut kernels.

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