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Recipes with bacon

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Bacon, an important ingredient in classic home cooking, has surprisingly international roots. Italian lardo, American bacon and Tyrolean bacon are coveted specialties. Bacon is the term used to describe the fatty tissue just under the skin of the pig. It is not the main ingredient of a dish, but complements and refines it. It is impossible to imagine German cuisine without bacon: classics such as pears, beans and bacon originate from northern Germany. But bacon is not just a snack for in between meals. It adds the finishing touch to many dishes: delicious bacon dumplings, an aromatic bacon coating for roasts, roulades with crispy bacon, mushroom pizza with diced bacon, salads with crispy bacon strips or the popular bacon plums as an appetizer. Crispy fried breakfast bacon or bacon beans as a side dish to steak are also a treat for bacon lovers. In Tyrol, bacon is one of the most important ingredients for hearty starters and main dishes. And in the rest of Austria, too, the various types of bacon, from square bacon to pancetta and ham bacon, are popular flavor enhancers. A Quiche Lorraine without aromatic bacon cubes or Spaghetti Carbonara without juicy pancetta are hardly imaginable. For more inspiration, check out our classic recipes with bacon!

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