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Recipes with raspberries

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The raspberry, with its incomparable taste of natural sweetness and slight acidity, is a sought-after fruit. Thus, raspberry recipes are appreciated not only for their taste, but also for their health-promoting ingredients. With their richness in vitamins and trace elements, raspberries are a boon for those suffering from bladder and kidney ailments, heartburn and indigestion. They also protect us from free radicals and strengthen our immune system, which makes them an indispensable part of our diet.

We love raspberries more than anything and their versatility is a testament to their unique taste. Whether eaten plain or combined with cottage cheese, cream, yogurt or jam, raspberries are suitable for a variety of desserts such as cakes, pies and ice cream. In summer, frozen yogurt with raspberries and ice cream is a quick treat that can be easily prepared with cream, vanilla, lemon and basil. For those who like something fancier, a raspberry mojito is a fruity treat that can be easily prepared at home. When the raspberry season begins in June, there are no limits to the dessert variations with this fruit: Raspberry layered parfait, panna cotta with raspberries or creamy raspberry mousse. Each recipe guarantees incomparable moments of pleasure.

Raspberry cake is undoubtedly a crowd pleaser, and the little berries pair well with a variety of cakes, including sponge, cheesecake, puff pastry, muffins, cupcakes, chocolate or yeast dough. Raspberry slices with cake icing and powdered sugar are a delicious treat and the raspberry cake is a highlight on any coffee table. The moist cake base, the airy cream and the fruity-fresh raspberries go together perfectly. The raspberry tart can be served with butter cream, cream, mascarpone cream, cream cheese cream or chocolate cream, making it a versatile dessert that offers many palate pleasers. A raspberry tart with yogurt or wine cream will delight guests at any coffee table.

Raspberry recipes also work well with frozen raspberries, and their sweet but slightly tart flavor makes them an excellent choice for jams or jellies combined with peaches, blackberries or currants. Raspberry jam is quick and easy to prepare and a great start to the day. Summer iced tea, strawberry-raspberry smoothies or raspberry-oat milkshakes are drinks made from freshly picked raspberries that are not only delicious but also healthy. They can be prepared in a blender or added as a topping to the drink and enhance the look and taste of any beverage. If you prefer it tangy, you can spice up any party with raspberry drinks and sparkling wine or prosecco.

Raspberries are also delicious in savory dishes and with their fruity sweetness go well with goat or sheep cheese and are an excellent addition to summer salads or fresh dressings. The seductive flavor of raspberries adds a unique and unforgettable touch to savory dishes. Red fruit jelly, typical of northern German cuisine, is an ideal dish for the berry season and convinces with a heavenly combination of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and sour cherries. Depending on the season, the recipe can also be varied with other fruits such as black or red currants. The red fruit jelly tastes even better with lightly whipped cream or vanilla sauce.

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