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Recipes with apples

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The apple has been popular for centuries and comes in a variety of sizes, flavors and colors. From Golden Delicious to Cox Orange, Boskop to Granny Smith, the apple family is large. As we look forward to the apple harvest in late summer and fall, we are filled with anticipation for the many delicious recipes we can create with Boskop, Elstar and other varieties. Whether in classic desserts, jams, juicy pies, savory main dishes, salads, or desserts, apples are an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed year-round.

Aside from being a vitamin-rich fruit, apples can be used in countless ways in the kitchen. A member of the pome fruit family, the apple can be used in a variety of culinary creations. Here are a few recipes that taste great any time of year: homemade applesauce and compote, crispy apple crumble, classic apple pancakes, apple strudel for the soul, grandma's baked apple rings, juicy stuffed baked apples, baked apple jam and hearty apple casseroles.

There are tens of thousands of well-known apple varieties that differ in texture, color and flavor. Each of the best known varieties has its own merits that can be used in various dishes. If you choose organic apples, you can eat them with peel without hesitation. For apples from the supermarket, you should remove the peel with a peeler, because the toxins of pesticides collect under the peel. Unfortunately, most vitamins and trace elements also collect under the skin.

For further processing, apples are quartered and the core and stem are removed. Apples are great as a fresh snack, but can also be used in a variety of dishes such as apple pie, apple compote, apple casserole and more. There are many ways to preserve the variety of apples from the garden for several months. Making apple jelly is one of the most popular ways to preserve apples and makes a great sweet takeaway from the kitchen. However, it also enhances many savory dishes such as apple red cabbage, a hearty roast or homemade mustard, making it ideal for fall and winter pantries.

Whether simple or sophisticated, apple pie is one of the most popular pies around. Whether made with quick sponge, classic shortbread or fluffy yeast dough, apples make any cake incredibly moist. A pinch of cinnamon, vanilla, candied nuts, crunchy crumbles or a creamy custard filling make any freshly baked apple pie irresistible. Apples also enhance savory dishes such as potato pancakes with applesauce and add a sweet and sour note to many dishes. Apples combine well with other vegetables such as carrots, kohlrabi or beets and can be grated into a raw vegetable salad. They also add fruity accents to creamy risottos with fennel or hearty meat dishes with schnitzel or medallions, as a fruity garnish or a sophisticated topping for gratinating.

Many believe that apples only taste good in desserts, but far from it. They also add a wonderfully fresh note to savory dishes, especially in salads or as a compote. Ever tried apples in a soup? They are also great as a snack or dessert, for example in the form of apple pancakes, apple crumble or a simple fruit salad with apples. For best results, use Boskoop, Braeburn or Cox oranges for apple compote or applesauce.

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