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Recipes with basil

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Basil is one of the best known and most versatile kitchen herbs and an indispensable spice that adds a touch of the south to any dish. Its fresh, slightly sweet aroma, combined with a slightly spicy note, makes it the perfect accompaniment to vegetables, tomatoes and cheeses such as mozzarella, feta or parmesan. But basil is not limited to savory dishes. It can also be used in desserts like lemon or strawberry sorbet and in cocktails like the trendy gin-basil smash.

Basil comes in two varieties: fresh and dried. Fresh basil should never be cooked in hot dishes, as it loses too much of its flavor. It is better to add the leaves at the very end, for example on pizza or salad. Dried basil, on the other hand, adds a peppery note to dishes.

Basil recipes abound, from the classic Pesto alla Genovese to fancy recipes like basil ice cream. Pesto is made of pureed basil, olive oil, seeds or nuts, garlic and parmesan and tastes best with pasta. To store it, put it in a jar and cover it with olive oil. Basil also combines well with other Mediterranean herbs such as thyme, rosemary or coriander.

Many cooks claim that basil should be picked rather than cut, as this allows the essential oils to develop better. Basil harmonizes particularly well with fennel and garlic, with lemon recipes and fresh asparagus, but also with sweet strawberries and as a flavoring in homemade elderberry lemonade. Tender spring onions emphasize its fresh and fruity character, and with lemon juice, a little pepper and good olive oil it becomes a purist vinaigrette, adding a touch of dolce vita to any salad or vegetable.

Basil is a truly royal plant with countless culinary uses. Its tangy aroma makes it a true wonder plant that can surprise and delight us with its versatility in any dish or drink. Creative basil recipes are waiting to be tried and enjoyed, bringing a touch of summer and Mediterranean flair into our lives.

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