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Recipes with avocados

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The avocado is an incredibly versatile fruit. The super fruit offers a refined taste that is suitable for both cold and hot dishes, making it a perfect ingredient for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a delicious snack. Avocado is considered aromatic and healthy, being rich in vitamin E and healthy fats thanks to its unsaturated fatty acids. Its deliciously creamy texture is the basis for many dip recipes and spreads, including a fine avocado cream that adds depth of flavor to any dish. Vegan cakes, such as chocolatey avocado almond brownies, can also be made with avocado for a particularly moist texture.

There are many avocado recipes for spreads, dips and the like, but its mild, slightly nutty flavor also makes it a great accompaniment to crisp salads or paper-thin sliced vegetable carpaccio variations. The unique flavor of avocado is optimized by sweet, sour and crunchy ingredients such as pomegranate, honey, sherry vinegar and pistachios, as in Avocado Pomegranate Salad, or oranges, almonds, pine nuts, grapes and balsamic vinegar. The fruit is also used as an accompaniment to beet carpaccio, as the two harmonize beautifully.

Avocados are excellent with soft and strong cheeses such as sheep or goat cheese. The nutty flavor of the fruit rounds off soft cheeses perfectly. Refined with a little honey, it enhances any salad. As an appetizing dip, the green, creamy fruit is often served as guacamole with tortilla chips or bread. But it also makes a great appetizer as a stuffed version or with an avocado bruschetta. With fresh ingredients like tomatoes, onions, tuna, cilantro and eggs, like in our recipe for stuffed avocados, you can create a delicious appetizer for an evening with friends and family.

As a warm side dish, avocado goes perfectly with juicy grilled meats and is easy to prepare. Simply cut the fruit in half, remove the pit, and place the half flat side down on the grill or in the grill pan. Then grill until appetizing grill marks are visible. You can also add creamy diced avocado to the pasta. Dress the pasta with olive oil, fresh garlic and cherry tomatoes, stir in the avocado and you have a quick, delicious pasta dish.

Avocado can do more than guacamole! Avocado recipes with the buttery green fruit not only taste great as a classic Mexican dip, but also in salads or as a spread. Try our avocado recipes and let yourself be surprised! When the avocado is very ripe, the flesh can be easily spooned out of the skin. From this you can prepare a delicious spread or dip. How about an avocado chili dip, for example? Avocado is also a real classic in salads. For our avocado salad with shrimp, mix lettuce and avocado with vinaigrette, cherries and shrimp as toppings. Of course, it's not just guacamole or avocado salad that tastes great. Avocados also go great with fish or pasta and are a valuable ingredient in green smoothies.

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