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Recipes with corn

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Corn is a filling vegetable and is prized worldwide as a staple food for its sweet taste. It is known as sweet corn and can be nibbled straight off the cob, enjoyed boiled or grilled with butter and salt, or used as small kernels of corn in a variety of delicious dishes. Corn is a versatile ingredient that can be used in salads, on pizza or combined with other vegetables. It can also be used for cooking in various forms such as corn flour, corn grits, corn oil and corn starch. Popular corn-based dishes include tortillas, popcorn, corn flakes, polenta and peanut flips.

Enjoy the best corn recipes with classic dishes that always taste good at home, picnics or the office. The convenient thing about corn is that it goes with almost everything and adds delicious yellow accents in rice, pasta and quinoa salads along with tomatoes, cucumbers, raw or grilled peppers, red onions, feta, olives, tuna, basil and more. Corn is also delicious with red cabbage and mimolette cheese, in a big Tex-Mex salad with kidney beans, avocado, onions, lime and fresh cilantro.

To make a corn pancake, drain some canned Bonduelle corn, add eggs, flour, a little baking powder, milk or yogurt, chopped herbs, a little garlic and salt, and pan fry. Serve with grated carrots or tzatziki for a quick vegetarian meal. For a heartier option, add bacon, cheese and spinach. This dish is delicious for young and old alike!

Mexican tortillas or tacos can be filled with grilled chicken, pulled pork, roasted ground beef, warm kidney beans, guacamole, onions, crème fraîche, shredded cheddar cheese, cilantro leaves and a few kernels of corn. A convivial evening enjoyed by all.

Cornbread goes great with smoked fish, sausage or fish roe. It can be made from corn kernels or polenta. Also try adding small cubes of fried chorizo to the batter and serve with a nice green salad.

Sweet potato and corn croquettes are very tasty and are made from boiled and mashed sweet potatoes, drained corn, flour, curry or paprika powder, garlic, oil, salt and paprika. Serve with young leaf lettuce or other green salad leaves on the side.

Canned corn can also be used for desserts, such as Pan de Elote Mexican corn cake or delicious muffins with candied orange and white chocolate. Even creamy corn vanilla ice cream can be prepared by pureeing corn kernels with milk and adding cream, eggs, sugar and vanilla.

Corn is grown in Europe, Africa and America and is even the staple food in some regions. In the warm summer months, it can be grown in your own garden. For those who do not have their own garden, corn on the cob can be purchased year-round at grocery stores and made into tasty dishes. Fresh corn should be eaten within a few days and stored in a cool place until needed. Sweet corn is a delicious ingredient for many vegetable dishes, side dishes with meat and fish, soups and salads. Corn flour can also be used for baking.

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